german shepherd breeder term program

Breeder term dogs are free to you if you are an approved home. There is a $100  fee to
cover microchip cost,  registration, and vaccines.

Breeder Term FEMALES, live with you as your dog. When she is about 2 yr. old, she will
be bred by us. Then she spends the pregnancy with you and comes back here one
week before her due date. She stays here with her pups till she is weaned from them.
Then she goes back home with you. You are welcome to visit with her and her pups
while she is here. We do this for 2 litters or as stated . All expenses involved with the
breeding and puppies are covered by us. At the end of the contract she is spayed by
you and lives with you. You will do all transportation, you should live no farther than 2-3
hours from us
Breeder term MALES also live with you. They need to come for stud use from time to
time. They do not have to stay here. You will do the transportation. You should live
within 1 hour of us. Although we like to see all of our dogs trained and titled, or certified
or used as some type of working dog, this is a requirement for the males.  
You must
commit to some type of training.

Both females and males must be available to us for genetic and health testing, which is
paid by us. This may involve addition transportation time for you. This is just a brief
overview of the terms. You will need to set up an appointment for an interview and look
over the contract,and full terms. If you are an approved home then we can proceed.
Susie Zeiner                                                                                           610-405-0451
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