for hire
offers searches using trained and certified narcotic
detection dogs. We are available to search private residences,businesses,
commercial and industrial. Our certified dogs are trained to locate the odor of
If the dog picks up a scent the handler marks the area. The dog or handler will not
seek out/locate/dispose of, the drugs, that is left to you after the visit. It may be a
small volume or residue or perhaps a large quantity. We won’t know the exact
nature of what was found, only you will know after we have left your premises.
Both the visit and the outcome are totally confidential We not even document
results in any records,
We perform our searches designed with your needs in mind and all aspects
remain CONFIDENTIAL. If you need reliable and confidential searches done,
please call to set up an appointment and get further information and fees. Some
restrictions apply.
Handler explosive,stow away canine detection teams also available.
Susie Zeiner                                                 610-405-0451
EZ BROOK       "Pride in Quality"