Health topics

EZ Brook Raw diet feeding information

Joint and bone damage that can be caused by you

Laser Therapy   an effective way to produce analgesia and accelerate healing of
a                                          variety of clinical conditions

Critter Care vet    Offers class IV laser therapy, We highly recommend this
treatment.                                        They also provide all conventional veterinary services

Dog Food Report     Information of ingredients

Dog Food Analysis         Reviews on dogs food understanding the Ingredients.

AuNaturelk9s   Great informations on raw feeding, natural rearing and over vaccination

Raw diet        about feeding a raw diet

Dog Foods     How to Choose?

Wellpet        Information on vaccinations and over vaccination

Rabies Vaccine         Rabies Over Vaccination

Menadione     (Vitamin K3) Why it should be avoided

Minimal Vaccine Protocol from Dr. Dodds verified

Clubs and Organizations

AKC   American Kennel Club

OFA    Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Hip and Elbow X-Ray Certifications and
Type in dog's name in the search box to verify  OFA.

CERF      Canine Eye Registration Foundation

DVGSDC      Delaware Valley German Shepherd Dog Club

GSDCA      German Shepherd Dog Club of America

USA        United Schutzhund Clubs of America

The only reputable registries on this continent are the AKC, UKC, and CanKC (not to
be confused with the ConKC).
AKC vs Other Registries

About AKC and Other Registries

Advantages of AKC

Reputable registries
Dog Training Clubs

Suburban Dog Training Club   Windmoor, Pa

Dog Training Club of Chester County   Exton, Pa

Philadelphia Dog Training Club     

DVGSDC   Philadelphia PA

Allentown Dog Training club

Dauphin DTC  in Harrisburg PA

Fly Away for Herding and Agility lessons in New London PA
Susie Zeiner                                                                                           610-405-0451
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