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Private lessons here
$50. for first lesson then $30 for additional lessons same owner/dog
We offer two styles of lessons,
one style is competition all levels for people who want to title their dogs
the other is "real world" for people that want their dogs to be well behaved and can
apply it to daily life. This style starts at your car teaching you the correct safe way to
get your dog out of the car. After lessons here then we go for a field trip to the park,
to help you apply what you learned at a typical outing place.
Either way you get trained to speak dog

Private in home lessons
$100 per hour, extra charges may apply depending on distance.


You must bring vet health record with you. Your dog must have rabies vaccination up
to date. Your dog must be on a deworming program, and can not have fleas and
ticks.  The lesson will start at your appointment time. Please bring water, treats, a 6ft.
leash and a  collar. You must clean up after your dog.


Limited boarding for dogs we sold and their housemates
$25 per day, check out time is noon. Your dog must have a current dog licence and
rabies vaccine, must be free of fleas and ticks.
Bring your dog's food and a toy, treats etc anything that your dog likes and will enjoy
while here.
Dogs stay in our house and can be outside when weather is nice. They go for long
walks and get to play with other dogs if they are comfortable with that
in out yard.
Nail clipping, ear cleaning and baths are available for addition charge.
EZ Brook import dogs
EZ BROOK          "Pride in Quality"
CONTACTING ME especially for appointments such as boarding and training MUST be done
via EMAIL. NO text messages or FB messages PLEASE. I set up appointments form my main
computer in my office, not when I am enjoying down time on FB and many different locations
and not from my phone which I only check late at night. It is ok to send a message if you
have sent an email and did not get a response in 24 hrs. since we all know sometimes email
has issues.